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Whether you cater to fitness enthusiasts or fans of organic food, or you need Nutella for confectionery retailers; Isles Trading Philippines is the right place for you.
We are an established supplier and exporter of protein, Nutella, glutathione powder, and a proud producer of baby and adult diapers. We are a hub of daily consuming items.

Boost Your Fitness Regime by Consuming Whey Protein

If you are a fitness enthusiast and you are not consuming whey in a required amount, you are missing out big time. As a whey protein supplier, you can remain assured that you are getting enough protein for muscle training and overall workout.
Protein is widely regarded as one of the most important supplements for bodybuilding to boost athletic performance, gain muscle mass, and increasing muscle tone, and increasing overall health. Most gym enthusiasts do not consume the required protein in their diet and whey can be used to add additional protein to your diet.

Keep Your Baby in Their Comfort Zone through Our Baby Diapers

As a parent of a newborn or toddler, you always aim to give your little one the comfort that he/she desires. We as a quality baby diapers supplier make sure that you get that very comfort you are in need of.
Isle Trading’s diapers is a symbol of comfort, softness, and breathability. When your little world sleeps or plays around, you and your little one remain sure that you are far from worries. Our diapers’ lightness also ensures that the baby’s skin is free from rashes and is dry too.

Keep Herbs in Your Life Through Glutathione Powder

We are one of the reliable manufacturers and suppliers of high-quality Glutathione Powder. Whether you need to improve immunity or protect your liver, Glutathione is the thing made for you.
As a quality Glutathione Powder Exporter , we make sure you need ‘A’ quality herb as we are a quality-driven organization. For detoxification, L Glutathione is the best herb as it detoxifies drugs and other forms of auxiliary poisoning treatments, and is extremely helpful for excreting toxins. To whiten your skin, glutathione is the perfect recipe for you.

Get the Taste of Heaven Through Nutella Chocolate

If you are fond of consuming chocolate and that too in different forms, Nutella chocolate is the ingredient made for you. Nutella has taken the confectionery industry by storm and every knowledgeable person knows and is a fan of Nutella.
As a quality Nutella chocolate supplier, we believe that quality is the primary aspect. People of every age need a quality taste. Therefore, we make sure that every bottle of Nutella that we make is fool-proof. We offer Nutella in different variants and quantities. Head over to find more.





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