Isles Trading Philippines

ISLES TRADING PHILIPPINES is widely established as the destination of vast varieties of products for keeping up with the latest demand trends.

ISLES TRADING PHILIPPINES as an expert in daily consuming industries, has always been experienced we are passionate and the well-being of our customers.


ISLES TRADING PHILIPPINES are well known, evoke trust, and represent quality. We are in large categories and are among the strongest in the variety of industries. In addition to delivering healthy and convenient products to consumers, we deliver variety.


We produce, distribute and market a myriad of different products. Our diverse product portfolio is united by quality — all our products are great tasting and nutritious — and brand equity, the combination of reputation and consumer trust.


ENTERPRENEURSHIP: Honest, Pragmatic, Innovative, and outstripping
APHORISM: To be Honest and to do Uprightly
COMMITMENT TO CUSTOMERS: To Nourish People’s Lives All of the World All the Time To Outdo What Customers Expect


Specialized factories in 25 states


Marketing Agents/Distributors



Our Daily Foods and Ingredients line is designed to meet the needs of today’s health conscious, on-the-go consumer.

It offers food operators an innovative solution to meet society’s growing demand for fresh, healthy snack alternatives in food suppliers with specialized supply-chain systems.

With distribution centers as well as fresh-cut and re-pack facilities strategically located throughout many key cities and states, we can provide fast, safe and convenient distribution of our entire product line with our supply-chain system.

Healthy and Low Fat

The line features specially packaged fruits like Canned Fruits & Vegetable, FD Fruits & Vegetable, Frozen Fruits & Vegetables, Fresh Fruits & Vegetable, Seafoods as well as Healthy Vegetable Oil, etc. All of which are paired with a healthy and low fat dip design.