Glutathione powder

If you are unaware of glutathione; then you are not alone. However, don’t think it is an unimportant herbal secret; because every glutathione powder exporter is facing huge demand for it.

Glutathione is a protein human body cells produce, which is massively important to your survival. Raising glutathione in a body can reflect the difference between living a life of fatigue chronic, sickness, and depression versus living a positive, healthy, and energetic life.

Elevating glutathione levels is the best way to enable your body to heal automatically.

What is Glutathione Powder?

Glutathione is a protein generated in our bodies by every cell. It is essential for our well-being and overall health. This protein comprises three amino acids:

  • glutamate
  • cysteine; and
  • glycine

Glutathione contains three main functions that can be remembered by the acronym AIDE.

1- Antioxidant

Glutathione neutralizes oxygen radicals that are harmful and is caused due to metabolism, infection, and exercise. Glutathione recharges other antioxidants too like vitamin A and C. It should be of no surprise that glutathione is renowned as the Master Antioxidant!

2- Immune system

Glutathione is vital for flawless immune system functioning. Glutathione enables some immune cells (lymphocytes or white blood cells) to multiply. It moves to areas of infection efficiently and effectively deal with intruders.

So, if you boost glutathione levels, then you are boosting your immune system.

3- Detoxification

Glutathione rinses the toxins we daily encounter from carpet, paint, detergents, exhaust, food, pesticides, heavy metals and you name it. Glutathione attaches or conjugates to these toxic materials making them available for excretion.


Glutathione gives energy to the body by carrying out the activities of the above-mentioned AID functions. With your body cleared of chemical toxins, harmful oxygen radicals, and supplied with abundant immune cells, you can reap the benefits of health in new found energy!

Who can benefit from boosted glutathione levels?

Everyone can get an advantage from elevated glutathione levels. Old or young, healthy or sick. If your glutathione level is raised; you can expect to experience the following:

Improved immune function.

You will contact fewer colds. If you get sick, you will recover more quickly. If you have a long-standing ailment, glutathione can help you in this situation.

Studies with AIDS and cancer patients have shown massive health improvement when treatment developed to boost glutathione levels was implemented against those who remained untreated.

Improved energy.

Your energy level will increase manifold due to the increased capacity of your ‘cleaning’ system. In return, this will also improve your athletic endurance by shrinking recovery time and improving thinking and mental clarity.

Improved attitude.

When we are fine, we are less irritable and cranky. Glutathione helps you to recover from the pains and aches of life; giving you a positive outlook on life.

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